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Visiting Little Adventurers’

You are strongly encouraged to visit the Centre before enrolling your child however we know that, as a parent, spare time is hard to come by.  For this reason, and also to reduce disruptions to the children in our care, we ask that you call first to check if we have spaces on the days you need, and the start date you’re looking for.  Our phone number is 04 238 9684 or you can email info@littleadv.co.nz with this request.

Enrolling at Little Adventurers’

When a space becomes available that matches the days and times on your waiting list request we will contact you to check if you still require the booking.  It’s ok if you don’t so please don’t worry about hurting our feelings! If your child is settled into another high quality early learning centre we will be pleased for you, so please reply to that offer as quickly as you can so we can offer it to the next person on the waiting list if you don’t require the space.

If you decide to accept the space, you will need to complete the enrolment process at this stage and pay the fee for your first week, or $50 (whichever if higher).  This payment secures your child’s space and is not refundable if you then decide to not to proceed.

During the one to two weeks prior to your child’s start date we will arrange a series of pre-entry visits for your child that they attend with you. Some families attend three or four visits while others prefer to have more.  We will be guided by you in what you think is best for your child however we do require that settling visits that take place.  If you cancel your settling visits it may be that we need to postpone your child’s start date.  This is for your child’s well-being and your peace of mind.

We understand that the transition into early childhood care can be challenging for families and our aim is to make each child’s start at Little Adventurers’ Early Learning Centre a positive experience for all involved.

You are encouraged to ask questions or discuss anything with us at anytime.

Still got questions? Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Current Wait List

Based on our current wait-list, start dates for newly enrolling children are as follows…

Babies: Monday and Friday spots available from June 2021.  

Big Kids (2-5 years) – Full time: November 2021

Part time: Monday, Tuesday and Friday full days and  Thursday afternoons (12.30pm-6pm) available now. 

Enrol early to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on high quality early childhood education!