Our Cook’s Day

Sample only – subject to change

At 8:45am the Cook starts preparing morning tea which is served from 9am to about 9:45am.  It is a ‘rolling’ morning tea meaning the children come as they are ready so it doesn’t all need to be ready by 9am – just enough for the first bunch of children.

Teaching staff serve and support the children through morning tea.  They then ensure the dishes are stacked and the tables are wiped.  (While the children are eating it’s a good time to check on the laundry and put a load on if needed.)

The Cook then starts preparing lunch at about 9:30/9:45am. (They take a break at some point during the morning – whenever it is convenient in the cooking process.)

At 11am lunch is served in serving dishes and the children serve themselves at their tables.  A tray of food is also taken to the nursery for our youngest tamariki. Teaching staff support the children eating and afterward, they ensure the dishes are stacked, tables wiped and floor swept.

Once the kitchen is cleaned up the Cook takes their lunch break.  Sometimes they whip up some yummy baking for afternoon tea first, depending on the menu.

At some point before the children’s afternoon tea time of 2:30pm the Cook manages to find 30 minutes or so to do online grocery orders, plan menus, make some pureed veges for the babies, check the first aid kits, do a bit more laundry, etc.

By 3:30 the afternoon tea clean-up is complete and the Cook cleans the nursery and empties the rubbish bins before heading home for the day at 4pm.

Later in the day, the teaching staff provide the children with a late snack, so before leaving, the Cook makes sure there is food readily available for that and communicates what can be used to the staff that will be managing that.

It’s a busy but satisfying role, and an integral part of what parents love about Little Adventurers’!

Current Wait List

Based on our current wait-list, start dates for newly enrolling children are as follows…

Babies: January 2019
Toddlers: January 2019
Big Kids: January 2019

Enrol early to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on high quality early childhood education!