Little Adventurers’ Early Learning Centre provides an option for childcare that is caring, convenient and affordable.


Many children spend up to fifty hours or more in childcare centres each week we don’t believe that the minimum legislated requirements, which many centres operate, provide an acceptable quality of care.

At Little Adventurers’ children have more space* to play and more staff* caring for them. In addition, furnishings have been chosen very carefully to pose the least amount of risk to the children and many of our teachers have experience caring for people who require extra care. We also use carefully selected toiletries and cleaning products as much as possible, which is a comfort to parents of children with asthma, eczema and other medical challenges, as well as being kinder to the planet.


Our  convenient, central location is just the beginning – we also provide nutritious, seasonally-appropriate meals and can even supply nappies! Little Adventurers’ is easy to access and has parking right at the door.

We close for weekends, statutory holidays and two teacher-only days per year but we don’t close for school holidays, for your convenience.

Gentle on the environment

We purchase locally as much as possible decreasing our carbon footprint and supporting the local economy. Together with the children, we take steps towards a cleaner, greener future every day. Children are offered the opportunity to help sort recycling, tend gardens and prepare fruit and vegetables for mealtimes. 

The after hours cleaning contractors, Clean Planet, are also committed to promoting good environmental practice and sustainability.  They are also New Zealand’s only commercial and domestic cleaning company approved as a Sensitive Choice partner.

An integral part of the Community

We have regular excursions and incursions that enhance learning opportunities for your child. We make the most of the assets offered by our central location, taking children on regular outings to visit local facilities such as Porirua Library and Pataka.


You will probably find we aren’t the cheapest but we certainly aren’t the most expensive childcare centre around. With a flexible fee schedule that allows for part-time and full-time enrolments we’re certain you’ll be pleased by the value we provide.

*than regulated requirements