At Little Adventurers’ Early Learning Centre we provide a warm, caring environment for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers in a high quality, flexible environment.  Our unique centre lays sound foundations for each child’s next step in their journey – socially, emotionally, physically and educationally.  We aim to develop children’s knowledge, independence, creativity and sense of community.

Our philosophy holds at its core the right of the child to participate in a learning environment which promotes strong links with home, high quality care, mutual respect, respect for the environment, shared learning, creativity and participation in the life of the community.

Offering a high quality programme that strikes a balance between structure and freedom, children will be loved, nurtured and well-prepared for starting school.

We are on a mission to change the shape of childcare in Porirua by providing a service that is:


Many children spend up to fifty hours or more in childcare centres each week and we don’t believe that the minimum legislated requirements, which most centres operate at, provide an acceptable quality of care.

At Little Adventurers’ children have more space* to play and more staff* caring for them. In addition, furnishings have been chosen very carefully to pose the least amount of risk to the children and many of our teachers have experience caring for people who require extra care.  We also use natural cleaning products and toiletries as much as possible, which is a comfort to parents of children with asthma, eczema and other medical ailments.

Our high-quality Key Teacher system ensures your child has the opportunity to form secure bonds, which researchers have found can reduce elevated cortisone levels in the brain.


In striving to provide this learning environment for children and families the pedagogical practice is informed by the educational theories of social constructivism and place-based education.

Our programme is tailored for each individual child, ensuring they are appropriately prepared when they transition into a school environment.  Key Teachers work hard to ensure they know your child well – their likes, dislikes, pleasures and challenges – ensuring their unique needs can be catered for.


Our long hours and convenient, central location are just the beginning – we also provide nutritious, seasonally-appropriate meals and can even supply nappies.

…Committed to the Planet

Our commitment to the planet extends beyond recycling plastic and paper.  By using cleaning products that are free of phosphates, chlorine-bleach and formaldehyde we’re helping reduce chemicals in our waterways and ensuring our environment is gentler to children’s developing bodies.  We shop locally and in-bulk as much as possible and have any disposable nappies turned composted in a purpose-built facility in the Hutt Valley.  Our clothing exchange helps reduce waste in landfills as well as being convenient for parents.

Children are encouraged to help sort recycling, tend gardens, and prepare fruit and vegetables for mealtimes.

All of this is done with the children’s well-being, and that of our planet, in mind.

…An Intergral Part of the Community

We see the community as a vital partner in the collaborative learning process so have regular excursions and incursions that provide great learning opportunities for children and make the most of the assets offered by our central location.

Our team members regularly participate in community events and support charitable causes – particularly those that support the needs of the families we serve.

Our local purchasing policy states that we will source products and services from local suppliers, provided they can meet our needs in a competitive manner.  This reduces our carbon foot-print, supports the local economy and ensures we are supporting the local businesses that employ the parents of the children for whom we care for.


With a flexible fee schedule that allows for part-time, full-time and casual enrolments, we aim to provide exceptional value.

…Always Improving

We never want to be stuck in a time-warp like many child-care centres so team members are encouraged to be reflective about improvements that can be made to our service or environment.  Our commitment to ongoing improvement means we are open to suggestions and comments from users of our service.

*Than regulated requirements

Last reviewed May 2014

Current Wait List

Based on our current wait-list, start dates for newly enrolling children are as follows…

Babies: Monday and Friday spots available from June 2021.  

Big Kids (2-5 years) – Full time: November 2021

Part time: Monday, Tuesday and Friday full days and  Thursday afternoons (12.30pm-6pm) available now. 

Enrol early to ensure your child doesn’t miss out on high quality early childhood education!